Saturday, July 14, 2007

dinner - July 14th 2007

Tonight for dinner I made Purple Kale with Fava Beans and Portuguese Linguica Sausage. The kale and the dried fava beans were organic and the linguica was from a Hawiian brand of Portuguese sausage that I really like. Dried fava beans are definitely a bit of work but when you don't have fresh they are the next best thing, although canned will do in a pinch. I only had to shuck them for about an hour. I swear, the trouble I go through sometimes. It was worth it though. With a little bit of vegetable stock, a few fresh bay leaves, and fresh rosemary they were better than anything you'll ever find in a can. I think sausage is probably one of my top five foods. Linguica might even be one of my all-time favorite sausages. Smoky, slightly sweet, with a little bit of heat (Is that an Isaac Hayes lyric?). Also, kale is the miracle green. More vitamins than you can shake a stick at. Although if you're shaking sticks at vitamins you may need some medical attention, or at least a vacation.

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