Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tofu is delicious. It's true.

I hate it when people cringe at the word tofu. How could you hate something so amazing and versatile. It can be cooked so many ways and with so many flavors. I always tell people, if they don't like tofu then they probably haven't had it properly prepared yet. I've been on a bit of fried food kick lately. Not to say that I haven't been eating healthy. When done correctly, fried food shouldn't be greasy. Everything in moderation I say.
Last night I made Mabo Tofu for dinner. It's A traditional Chinese dish that usually consists of tofu and pork in a spicy, peppery sauce. I decided to make it using my favorite locally made Thanh Son fried tofu instead of the soft tofu it's usually made with. I also decided I didn't feel like eating meat last night so I opted to go porkless. Instead I used some organic red onions and thai hot peppers.
I also wanted some greens and I had a beautiful bunch of gai-lan (Chinese spinach-although it's nothing like spinach). I steamed it and finished it off in a garlic black bean sauce. The gai-lan, mabo tofu, and some steamed sticky rice made a delicious dinner.
I went shopping this week at Uwajimaya (my local Asian mega-grocery store) and I went a little tofu crazy. I have so much tofu in my refrigerator right now I'll probably be eating it for the next two weeks. That's okay though, there are a million things I could make and I never get tired of delicious things.


Nora B. said...

Hi Stephen, I've missed out on a few of your posts, I'll have to catch up. I love tofu too. I still can't trick my partner into eating it though... I don't usually like fried food, but I think tofus & tempeh taste better when fried before adding it to other ingredients. And like you said, if done properly, it should only make the outside crisp and not oily and soggy. Tofu is delicious!

Shayne said...

I like tofu when others make it I have to practice a little. I get pad thai with tofu every time I go to thai. I just love it. now you got me wantin to make it.