Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wedding Feast

Last Saturday, K and I went to watch our friends Rod and Shannon get hitched. The wedding was held about 100 miles north of Seattle on a beautiful farm near Mount Vernon. We got all dolled up and went out to brave the blistering heat. Larkspur Farm was truly amazing. Old creaky farmhouses with beautiful flower gardens, surrounded by corn fields. It was like a nice version of Children Of The Corn, with no Malaki in sight. The ceremony was nice and K even almost cried, but I was thinking about all the amazing food Rod promised me (I know, I'm so sentimental). They had the wedding catered by a local couple who used a lot of local ingredients. Oysters straight out of the nearby bay. Organic vegetables from nearby farms. Even ice cream from a delicious Bellingham ice cream joint. Food always excites me. Don't get me wrong, I was very happy for my pals. I hope they live a long, happy life together but I was also very excited about a delicious (and free) meal.

So everything we ate was very tasty. No inedible batches in the bunch. Instead of a sit down type of meal, they decided to do a four course "cocktail party" meal, where the wait-staff walked around with trays of food. People could just pick and choose what they wanted, which I thought was a pretty great idea. That way people could mingle and not miss out on a snack. Always one to dissect a meal, here's my interpretation:

Round One
Belgian endive with ricotta salata, grilled watermelon and pickled golden melon salad. This was a nice little salad with a pretty mild flavor. I liked the crispness of the endive with the salty, sweet, and sour combination of the melons and the cheese. A nice little amuse to start off the meal.

Raw oysters on the half shell with champagne mignonette. There is nothing more delicious than raw Washington oysters. The mignonette was good although some people didn't care for the diced carrot. I kinda liked the texture contrast but would have also like some without.

Goat cheese croquettes with sweet plum dipping sauce These little guys were one of my favorites of the meal. Light and crunchy on the outside, super gooey and delicious on the inside. They went well with the tart and sweet plum sauce. A great appetizer.

Round Two
Tuiles two ways: With dill mascarpone and smoked salmon or with avocado mousse and fresh crab. The tuiles were slightly molar extracting but tasted great. I was a bigger fan of the smoked salmon with mascarpone. I think the crab got a little lost in the avocado but was tasty none the less.

Roasted red and golden beets with fried chickpeas and fresh herbs. I could picture eating this at an upscale ball-game. I really liked the fried chickpeas. The beets were nicely roasted and sweet, but maybe a little dry. This had the appeal of eating something like popcorn. A good little snack.

Spice-rubbed grilled chicken skewers served with onion-lavender marmalade. Grilling chicken breast for a large number of people is a hard thing to do. The meat tends to dry out quickly. The chicken had a nice smokey flavor and the onion lavender marmalade was fantastic but the meat was a little dry.

Round Three
Local, organic field greens with arugula, grilled nectarines, parmigiano-reggiano and toasted walnut croutons tossed with balsamic vinaigrette A good basic salad of local greens. I liked the walnut parmesan crouton and the vinaigrette was light and refreshing.

Santa Maria style BBQ- seasoned tri-tip steak petite sourdough sandwich with sungold tomato relish and sweet potato fries. This was a delicious sandwich. The steak just melts in your mouth and I liked the little relish. I'm not big on sweet potato but the fries were actually pretty good.

Petite chocolate milkshakes with Mallard Super chocolate ice cream. I had never had Bellingham's Ballard Super ice cream before. It is so rich and delicious and I don't even really like ice cream that much. K wanted about ten more of these. A pretty cool idea for dessert.

Individual peach-blackberry tartlets with sweet whipped cream. The tartlet shells were made of yummy shortbread and the fruit and cream inside were simple and refreshing.

Usually when you go to a wedding the food is slightly scary and the company sometimes even scarier. It was fun to have a great meal, meet nice people, and see my two friends get married. There was no drama and everyone made it home in one piece.


Shayne said...

mmmmmmm that looks like it was good

Anonymous said...

glad you enjoyed it, buddy. i wish i had more time to eat it all myself... i barely got a chance to eat a few bites, but i made sure i at least tasted everything.

i know slow-food, local-ingredients eating is the in thing right now, but it makes sense to me if you live in a place like washington. with the sea and farms right on top of one another, and talented cooks all around, you really can't miss.

well, i guess you still can, but i'm glad we found jessica and mataio--they did a fantastic job of challenging food that even picky old folks and kids could enjoy, while still staying true to the art of it.

i'll send ya some more pics when the photographer gets 'em to us.

later, sweet patater. [roddy]

Cher said...

Thanks for writing this.