Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Poached in fat, so you know it's good!

Deep fried generally means delicious in my book. You can cook almost anything in fat and it always satisfies. I know a lot of you are frightened by that statement but you don't have to be. Properly cooked fried food in moderation is not the problem. The problem is when you eat KFC for every meal. That, my friends, is the the problem. America gets fat eating fast food and to solve the situation, we over-react like the quick fix country that we are, by saying that hamburgers and fried chicken is the cause of heart-attacks. Cook something fresh once in a while and go for a walk here and there. End rant.

Duck confit is one of the most decadent dishes ever. Basically it is duck leg/thigh slow poached, submerged in duck fat. By cooking it this way you're preserving the meat. It is one of the most tender things that will ever melt in your mouth. I could pretty much eat it every day but that's where that word "moderation" comes into play. I bought some local "pre-made" duck confit from Don & Joe's Butchershop and served it with sauteed brussel sprouts and smokey butter beans. After eating this meal I went for a walk.


Nora B. said...

Duck confit is indeed one of the most decadent dishes ever. I haven't made any myself but do order it every few months when I am out. When cooked expertly, it it tastes so devine and not "fatty" at all. Then I go for a walk too :-)

Sorina said...

That must've been a great dinner. I got hungry by just reading the recipes and looking at the pictures :)