Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Twin Peaks kind of day.

To most twisted Pacific North-westerners, David Lynch is somewhat of a local icon. Born and raised in Missoula Montana, he would later bring our mysterious part of the country into homes across America with his cultish hit show Twin Peaks. I am a huge Twin Peaks fan. I am a huge David Lynch fan for that matter. I love the way he uses non-linear storylines and finds a darkness in nearly everything wholesome. With Twin Peaks he showed the world that the beautiful green state of Washington is in fact the UFO spotting, Bigfoot stalking, serial killer raising, suicide capital of the states. It is a great state but it does have a serious dark side.
So anyways, a few weeks ago K and I went sledding with our friends Rod and Shannon. On the way out there we made a pitstop in Issaquah to grab some lunch at the famous XXX Root Beer. More of a fun kitschy experience than great food. They are a fifties style burger joint crammed to the rafters with with 50's car memorabilia. They have car shows in their parking lot almost every week. While everybody else played it pretty safe with the menu (although Shannon's Ford Roadster chili burger was a giant tasty looking monstrosity) I decided to get XXX's infamous, bigger than your torso Cutlass 442 burger. It was a very large burger with grilled ham, hamburger patty, bacon, roasted hot dog, grilled onions, mayo, XXX dressing, lettuce, tomato, pickles with curly fries. My gripe was that there was too much bun. It wouldn't be nearly as hard to finish eating if there was less bread in the equation. After eating, we waited a few minutes to see if I would have a heartattack, and then off to the snow we went. We drove out to Snoqualmie Pass and had a great time sledding and snowboarding. Though I could've done without the few times we bashed into each other at breakneck speeds. So after a few hours of playing in the snow we decided to head over to the town of North Bend, the famous setting for Twin Peaks' own Twede's Cafe where Special Agent Dale Cooper get some "cherry pie and a damn fine cup o' coffee". I'm not big on coffee or pie so I had a Cola float. Everybody else had cherry pie and apparently a pretty damn okay cup of coffee. I did try the cherry pie and it was pretty tasty. After filling our bellies even more we then drove up to the Snoqualmie Falls and Salish Lodge, where even more of Twin Peaks was filmed. The falls are so beautiful and awe-inspiring. That photo up at the top are of the falls and Salish Lodge. It was getting dark and after staring at the scenery for a while we went inside the lodge for some wine and cognac. It was a perfect day in the strange, creepy Northwest.

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