Saturday, August 2, 2008

Porchetta Salad

Okay, let me preface this by saying that if you are watching your weight stop reading now. Actually you probably won't want to read my blog ever again. My love of fatty delicious food is uncontrollable. This dish is what happens when we decide we need to eat a little lighter so perhaps well have a salad for dinner. I bought a couple slices of porchetta from my favorite butchers, Don & Joe. What is porchetta you ask? Why it only happens to be one of the most delicious inventions in the history of the glorious pig (no, pigs didn't invent it). Porchetta is basically deboned suckling pig that has been rolled up with herbs and spices. So basically you have the pork belly, shoulder, loin, chopped innards, and skin all rolled up into a tight cylinder. It's like god in pork form. So I made a herb and mesclun salad with a maple balsamic viniagrette. I topped it off with some of my favorite Point Reyes blue cheese and toasted walnuts. Then somewhere in my deranged brain I thought to myself "what would make this dish even more rich and decadent?". "I know, I'll top it with the yolk of a small farm, organic chicken egg." I got the idea from a Spanish dish I had once where it was a deconstructed caeser salad where the dressing was not emusifyed but instead the greens were topped with a drizzle of amazing olive oil, sea salt, fresh anchovies, and a duck egg yolk on top. I felt like if I was going to go all out I might as well go all out. In the end, perhaps the egg was over the top but I can tell you that it was delicious and as I fended off my heart attack and my "Am I getting fat?" guilt I happily licked my plate clean.

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