Friday, September 19, 2008

What up, homefry.

In Seattle there used to be a 24 hour cafe called Minny's. Once in a while I had one of those nights when I needed some grub at 2 in the morning (ie:drunkytown) and Minny's was one of only a handful of all night eateries in Seattle(if I wanted gut rot or a free showing of crackhead theater I'd go to The Hurricane). After trying to swerve our bodies through the sea of drunken frat boys we would finally reach our table and peruse the menu. Not that we needed to, burgers are always the only logical choice at that time of night (that or a breakfast of chicken fried steak). My biggest complaint was the fact that they served home fries instead of french fries. Every time we went there I would say "what kind of dumb, backwards hick place is this?" "You don't serve home fries with a burger!" I still hold true to my drunken sentiments, however I don't want the potato gods to be angry with me and I should show my appreciation for the glorious fries made at home. I served my with eggs and toast like it should be! I used Olsen Farms heirloom new potatoes and Olsen's house made German sausage. To make it a little more interesting I added some fennel, cherry peppers, and fresh rosemary. I sauteed some onions and garlic, added the fennel, peppers, and diced sausage cooked until soft/done. In a different pan at the same time I cooked the small diced potatoes (with the rosemary and salt and pepper) in butter until crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I combined the two, seasoned, and added some chopped fennel frond. Home fries fit for the best of chicken fried steaks!

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