Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm slightly ashamed...

Why yes that is a giant tray of tortilla chips covered with Olsen Farms ground beef, pinto beans, tomatoes, green onions, homemade taco sauce, sour cream, and topped off with organic fried eggs. Thrown under the broiler for a few minutes and eaten until disgusted. Am I crazy to create such a terrifying nacho extravaganza? Hell no, it was amazing. Will I do it again? Hell no, I would not. K and I kinda wanted to die after eating such a delicious monstrosity. When the idea of something as great as Nacho Fest 09' pops into your brain you can't deny it. Just swim in the madness and indulge your insanity for just a little while. That's right, nachos with fried eggs on top. Regret is for suckers.

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