Saturday, July 25, 2009


New York gets all the good stuff. Holy hell this place sounds amazing. I love the idea of a gourmet automat. Mac and cheese croquettes, oh yeah. Rye corn dogs, fancy chicken nuggets, lil' bacon cheeseburgers. They are accepting applications for franchises. Somebody with cash needs to open one of these beauties near here right now. I'm all for the the slow food movement, but Bamn! makes me want delicious things in my mouth stat! Oh and by the way, I really hope the name is a tongue in cheek reference to Emeril. After watching the episode last week where Elmo guest starred I just about drilled holes in my brain just to get the image out. But I'll even endure a triple Emeril bamn and even a Rachel Ray "sammy or stoup" for some mac n' cheese croquettes now!

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