Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sovereign State #1: Afghanistan

The Menu:
Torshi (spicy Afghan pickles)
Bichak (turovers with farmers cheese filling)
Nan-I-Afghani (Afghan flat-bread)
Kofta Nakhod (lamb & chickpea meatballs)
Kabuli Palau (Afghan chicken & rice)
Osh Pyozee (onions stuffed with lamb, prunes, & rice)

First of all, I cooked a seriously feast for two people. I could've serious cut back on the portions. I wanted to start thing out right though. So the 6 hours of cooking to kick things off were worth it. A few thoughts: The torshi pickles were awesome. Spicy and vinegary, with just the right amount of kick. I'll definitely be making those again. The bichak turnovers were also very tasty. I had some fresh farmers cheese from Sammish Bay farms and I mixed it with a little cinnamon and honey and then wrapped them in a super flaky dough. Super yummy. The flat bread was a little too crispy on the bottom but were still delicious. Next time I'll cook them higher in the oven. If only I had a tandoor oven.

The kofta nakhod was probably my favorite. They were sort of like a mix between meatballs, matzo balls, and falafel. Really unusual but extremely addictive. The chicken palau was great but the recipe I followed was a little off. I think it called for a little too much coriander and tomato paste. Otherwise, it was pretty damn delicious. The onions in the osh pyozee were a little too much. I used white onions and the dish probably would've been more satisfying with a sweeter onion. I really did like the prunes with the savory lamb and rice mixture. All in all, I'd say it was a very successful Afghan feast. Now I have to eat at Kabul Restaurant in Wallingford to check my flavors. One nation down, 202 to go.

For more info on this project, read this: 203 Sovereign States


Ben said...

Afghan food rocks. Send me some. It's too bad you're not doing a week of meals from each country, because you missed an opportunity to make some awesome Pumpkin Kadu...

Violet said...

If only I had more time! :)