Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Cold War.

Here lied a review of Zhavago's Cafe on Broadway, Capitol Hill.  It was a review that had an innacuracy or two (I accidentally called a shawarma sandwich a souvlaki sandwich.)  My finding after eating there were: A) They seem to have a hard time making the piroshkies hot,  B) the chicken shawarma sandwich was dry and didn't taste very good, and C) although the owner and staff seemed friendly some of the staff had no clue as to what they were selling.  I really wanted to like this place but the experiences I've had there have led me to the conclusion of not wanting to eat there again.

The review was accidentally lost but I decided that it was important to put this in it's place.  The original contained a few comments from people who agreed with my comments and a few from people who denied the possibilities of Zhavagos being mediocre.  My blog is my opinion.  It's my experiences.  People can take it for what it's worth.

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