Monday, May 25, 2009

You hear what they called you? They called you a little piece of chicken.

So yesterday seemed like a chicken wing kind of day to me. When I got home I made a marinade of Filipino adobo sauce (Mang Tomas brand, hot n' spicy), Maggi seasoning, and some chili garlic paste. I threw the wings in the marinade and chilled. K and I grabbed a bottle of Chianti and walked to the park for the dying hours of sunset, sat in the grass, and drank while watching the sun disappear. An immense East African gathering was happening nearby and we kind of wanted to walk over three to see what kind of food was being served but I knew that soon we would have some wings. Everyone was very friendly, especially the drunk guy who came and sat next to us. I think he wanted our wine and to know if we had something perhaps a little stronger. We were out of wine and it was time to go eat some wings. We got back home and I turned the oven on to broil. 8 minutes each side (2 sides) and they were juicy and spicy and delicious. I served them with a little bit of Kecap Manis, rice wine vinegar, and Cap Jempol (Kecap=sweetened soy sauce, Jempol=Indonesian Hot Sauce). Sided with a Full Circle Farms salad and a soy/sesame vinaigrette and some more wine. Yes, it definitely was a chicken wing kind of day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

lil' BLT

Lunch today = mini BLT sliders consisting of black krim heirloom tomatoes, Full Circle Farms organic butter lettuce, Skagit River Ranch peppery thick cut bacon, Beecher's Flagship cheese, on organic Essential rolls. yum.

Monday, May 18, 2009

yeah, I know.

So you're probably saying to yourself "Self, I have done the hokey pokey at least 7465 times since Violet said she was going to write another post on her food blog. What a liar!". Yes, it's true. I did lie to you. It's a fact that I can't deny and I will tell you that I'm not proud of having to force you to put the right leg in (and subsequently out) over and over again just to read another food related quip, adventure, mockery, pornography or recipe that never seemed to come. I feel awful. Tell you what I'm going to do. I've reinvigorated the food bug in me and will begin forcing (for the love of deliciousness) a twice a week Hunger update. How's that for ya, faithful reader? I also proclaim that at least one out of these two posts a week will be somewhat informative and salivation will possibly occur. Now, no promises but the gauntlet have been thrown down. My next post will be here before you manage to learn a triple backflip with a half twist. That, I swear to you. xo