Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Cold in Here.

It's really hard to eat healthy in the middle of Winter.  All I want is heavy rib sticking fuel to get me through the day.  Although I have to say that since (believe it or not) I'm not a logger or a fishing vessel sea captain I don't need to eat 2 pounds of lasagna for lunch.  My body is not being subjected to the harsh elements and back breaking manual labor so I can manage on a few less calories.  Not to say that I don't eat like a tight end (teehee) for the Seattle Seahawks.  This girl can put away chow like nobody's business.  I guess I'm just trying to fool myself into thinking I need to eat more healthy.  I'm not getting any younger and my metabolism and I are no longer on speaking terms.  My brain is like "Hey Vi, it's party time. Order up some pizza and wings sista!"  and my belly is like "Well, you never know when you're going to get stranded under an avalanche. I better store all this fat for later."  So as I grow older I attempt to once in a while put something green in my mouth.  That getting wiser as I get older thing is gonna happen any minute now.

Niçoise Salad is salad greens with tuna (I use a nice Italian canned tuna), hard cooked eggs, Niçoise olives (kalamata will work just as well) and in my version, bacon.  Like I said, I have to trick myself a little bit.  I made a nice tarragon shiitake mushroom vinaigrette and lightly tossed it with some chopped romaine hearts.  You can also add things like roasted peppers or marinated artichokes and that would be yummy.  A dusting of finely grated manchego cheese later and it even felt like a for reals full meal.  I can eat salads like this all the time.  Sure, it's loaded with fatty goodness but it's healthier than a couple of Double Deluxe Dick's Burgers with fries and a Coke.  Yum, I sure would eat that right now.  What's the sound of mouthwatering?

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