Friday, June 22, 2012

Cocktailin' - The Havana Sunset

What better way to forget your crappy job and unpaid medical bills than a delicious alcoholic beverage or three. Being sober is not nearly as fun as it was when you were a kid (unless you were a drunk kid). When I was little there always seemed to be party happening at my house with happy slurring Cubans everywhere. I would play bartender and stir up a batch of rum and cokes for my relatives and neighbors. "One for you and one for me" was my motto. Don't get me wrong. I have a very healthy attitude towards booze snacks. I also have a very healthy gag reflex and sadly now that I'm older 2-3 cocktails knock me on my ass and I get a hangover for 6 days afterwards. So now I gently approach the liquid medicine and know my limits.

Anywho, enough of that. I was starting to sound like a bad After School Special PSA. Don't drink and drive kids. Being dead is stupid. 

So what we have here is The Havana Sunset aka El Gallo Borracho. Put on your favorite Carmen Miranda outfit (including the fruit hat) and shake, shake, shake.

The Havana Sunset

1oz white rum
1oz dark rum
1oz fresh mango juice (puree diced in a blender and strain)
1oz fresh squeezed lime juice
2 dashes of grapefruit bitters
maraschino cherries to garnish

Shake with ice and serve in a martini glass. xoxo

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