Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What you got there in your pocket? Cuban Style!

So the other day I was minding my own business while grocery shopping and as much as I try to stay away from the frozen snack aisle. You know, the cheesy taquito, TGIF jalapeno popper, mouth destroying pizza rolls section. The awful, hypnotic hallway of brightly colored and magically delicious frozen chemicals sung me a sweet lullaby and I couldn't help myself. I had to fill my basket with these frozen, fried delights. They made me do it.   

It's not very often that I do reviews for pre-packaged food stuffs and whatnot but I thought it would be fun to throw these in the mix once in a while. Besides during my last trip to the store I came across a box of Cuban Style Hot Pockets. I had to have them. They had pickles and ham and Swiss cheese in them. Surprisingly enough they sort of captured the approximate taste of a real Cuban sandwich. Now, I'm not saying that they were a suitable replacement for the real thing. I'm just saying that they were tasty in that "I'm drunk or wished that I was drunk and hot pockets are the best thing ever" sort of way. 

The outside of the pockets were soft and doughy in attempt to replicate Cuban bread which was a nice touch. The insides are all white and drippy and it squirts all over you when you put it in your mouth (it's better than it sounds unless of course you already like that sort of thing in which case have fun). It's cheesy and hammy and pickley. Savory with a little bit of sour sharpness. They make me wish I had some more whiskey. But then I would probably want some more Hot Pockets. Which would in turn make me want some more whiskey. A vicious cycle indeed. Help me, I am trapped in a booze pocket nightmare. Or is this the best dream I ever had? I can't tell anymore.

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