Thursday, November 14, 2013

Delicious Brick of Chemicals.

America has a knack for turning beautiful, artfully crafted foods into cheap, fast, over-processed shit. We turned the lovely hamburger into a quarter pound of bone sludge, sawdust, and "meat droppings" with processed plastic cheese between a bleached bun. Yum!!! Don't get me wrong. I'm as addicted to those chemicals as everyone else and when you're broke, some loose change for a meal (whether or not it actually sustains your body) is nothing to sneeze at. I'm a fast food whore. I can't say no. I know that I can feed deliciously fresh cheeseburgers to my family for not much more money than the drive-thru crap but I have a problem. The junk (soon to be in my trunk if I eat too much of it) calls my name. I allow myself fast food once in a while. I have too or I will die. It's a fact. I need my tasty, beefy drugs!!!

Anyways, one of those foods that we have turned into a brick of chemical is the amazing noodle dish ramen. In Japan and Korea they have mastered the art of making pre-packaged ramen with quality. It's not just for college students or half elf mages who cant pry their lazy asses away from their WOW session. The good stuff is only par-cooked and dried and when cooked has a springy chew to it (unlike the icky version which is fully cooked and dried and the second you hit it with water it becomes mushy). They are actually quality noodles. Not melty, low class cardboard strings. Ick.

One of my favorite ramens is the Korean Shin Ramen. It's spicy and beefy and pretty complex for an instant noodle. I always add an egg and some scallion and if I have it a few slices of fish cake called Kamaboko. It's the perfect snack or meal when you're in a hurry. See, you don't always have to resort to a bag of scary mystery. Sure there are a few chemicals in shin ramen but at least I know what they are and that they are not so bad for you. xoxo