Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Remember when food wasn't popular? I do. PBS had Julia and Jacques teaching you basic French techniques while drinking cocktails. Martin Yan was awing us with crazy butcher knife tricks and chef Justin Wilson was teaching us how to make a roux and yell like a Cajun. On many afternoons I was put to sleep by the calm humming of the kitchen vents and soothing jazz of the show Great Chefs. Then technology happened and cable arrived. The cooking channel came and chefs that actually looked like the sleepless trucker-speed abusing chefs they were cooked recipes for you to try at home. Then suddenly, Emeril happened. Now I actually like Emeril. He seems like a really nice guy, but I always hated his show (I didn't like getting yelled at when he had a hard-on for garlic or some other asinine ingredient). With his growing popularity he made people food crazy. People filled stadiums to watch the man toss a salad. Food culture was changed forever.

The Good:
People started supporting restaurants that weren't awful chains. Small farms started to flourish. People started to care about where their food came from. Locality and sustainability were no longer words that only hippies used when lecturing you about peace and love and something something... sorry I wasn't listening. Food brings people together. Food is life. Obey food.
The Bad:
Everybody became a food expert. Foodies (can we please just let that term die? It's stupid.) came crawling out from their couches and people at home were calling themselves chefs because they new how to cook spaghetti that wasn't from a can. And I swear if I see another cooking show where these poor bastard have to cook using only their feet and fight to the death with a raw piece of chicken to be recognized I'm going to stick my head in the oven.

The Ugly:
The gentrification of food. The gluttony of mediocrity. "Upscale" comfort food troughs. The raw food movement (I bet with all that raw fiber).

So I follow a lot of food peeps on the Instagrams. I love looking at delicious food. It inspires me and make me feel all funny inside. I use my Instagram as a diary of sorts. The thing I ate or made. The days I feel pretty cute. Adorable pics of my loved ones on our adventures. But mostly the delicious things I stuffed into my mouth. Anyways, I guess this post was just a shameless excuse to show you my not-the-greatest but-oh-so delicious food pics from my phone. You read all this so you might as well look at the photos. Yeah, thanks.

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