Thursday, August 4, 2016

At the Month of Sandwich

Happy National Sandwich Month everyone! I hope you are celebrating by eating sandwiches, looking at sandwiches, rubbing sandwiches on your friends and loved ones. Hot damn, I love me a good sandwich! You can do anything with a sandwich. In my mind the rules of sandwich are: 1) some form of bread somewhere, 2) some kind of saucy goodness like mustard or gravy or drippy pork fat, 3) something tasty on, over, between bread. Yeah, yeah, some sandwiches break the rules and some foods are sandwich-esque but let's not get ridiculous. I swear if I hear one of you think "Is pizza a sandwich?" I'll turn the car around right now.

So I'm kicking off the month formerly known as Sitting in a Puddle of My Own Sweat and Crying While My Skin Burns Month by having a delicious sandwich everyday. Either one I made or one I bought or one I stole from someone with too many sandwiches.

So here's how I'm gonna do this thing. Follow me on Instagram at candyandcorpses to see the daily sandwiches. Then at the end of the month I'll post a recap of my delicious sandwich adventures. Got it? Great. I'm going to go eat another sandwich. xoxo