Sovereign States

Sovereign States

The Definition: 
sovereign state is a political association with effective internal and external sovereignty over a geographic area and population which is not dependent on, or subject to, the power of any other power of state. Blah blah boring blah.

The Set-Up:
When I started this project, Seattle was hit with a record breaking heat-wave. It was so hot that the only thing that could be done to keep myself from breaking into a restaurant and crawling into the walk-in freezer to was sit in front of a fan with my feet in a bowl of ice water. While I was sitting there contemplating my demise I thought about a lot of things. How do the people of super hot countries cook and not want to die? How much do I really know about food? What do the people of Angola eat? What about Finland? I came to the conclusion that although I feel pretty knowledgeable about a good number of different culture's cuisines there was so much more to learn. Something must be done to continue my culinary education. I must cook and eat everything.

The Plan:
I plan on researching, shopping, cooking, and blogging about a meal that tries to best represent each of the sovereign states. Now don't get all bent out of shape if I left out this or that recipe or wasn't perfectly authentic. Of course that's what I will shoot and but I'll try my best but the internet and local sources only go so far ya know. If you have a comment or concern please address it in a civil way. I don't take kindly to getting yelled at. The list of sovereign states change over the years so I will do my best to backtrack and cook any of the ones I missed. Sure, it may take me 10 or 60 years to get through all the places but that just gives me (and hopefully you) more to look forward to. Here goes nothing.

The List of Sovereign States

Antigua & Barbuda


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